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    Offshore development

    Our company provides full range of offshore software development services, from custom outsourcing programming to mobile application design.
    You can hire our highly qualified developers to extend your team remotely or order a full-cycle development process.
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    Software development

    Our IT outsourcing company appoints project manager/lead developer for every such project, who is the team-lead for other developers.
    Customers communicate with team-lead and plan intermediate milestones to have phases of the custom software development project completed along the way.
    Based on our experience, one of the most important success criteria in offshore software development and web application development is an effective communication

Core values


We want our employees to be confident about the company, terms of employment, and tomorrow and to be certain that their efforts are properly acknowledged, their performance and salary are regularly reviewed, and that their concerns are fully addressed. We want our clients to be certain that we are complete professionals, that we always deliver on time and quality, and that we truly care about their interests.


The company is open to its employees, and we want employees to be open about their concerns, ideas, and insights. We want every employee to be heard and to enjoy a friendly and family atmosphere at the company. We therefore encourage everyone to speak out honestly about any issues. We are open with our clients providing them with accurate project statuses, thorough risk assessments, honest feedback, and expert advice.


We believe that constant learning and self-development are an essential part of success. We encourage every employee to participate in internal and external knowledge sharing sessions, training, and workshops. The Company helps all employees to grow professionally and supports each employee in his or her individual learning efforts.


We are reliable and trusted as a Company and as individuals. We trust our employees in all aspects of our Company’s life from project tasks and decisions to personal matters. We truly value the trust of our clients and constantly strengthen the gained trust by reliably providing quality results, maintaining effective communication, and keeping up an overall high level of services.

About us

From software products like Web and cloud applications to consumer devices like smartphones and diabetes monitors, we’ve helped customers make amazing products and experiences across many industries. Our breadth of experience gives us unique insight into how to connect the dots not only between different stages of the product development lifecycle, but also between business opportunities that our customers might not have seen otherwise.

Our consultants take pride of ownership in the products they help design, develop, test, and support. We call this “shared responsibility”. Many of our customers consider their Leo-Source experts to be inseparable from their own product development teams, and we do everything possible to maintain the trust that has led to many productive, long-term relationships with industry leaders.


With vast industry knowledge and expertise in a variety of technology-related areas allow us to choose the right technology for any needs and to deliver quality software products and solutions to our clients.

Development languages
Web Technologies
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Concrete 5
React Native

Why Leo-Source?

By working with Leo-Source, you will will realize significant savings in software development costs through outsourced engineering value.

Our team proven best practices we have accumulated over many years in business in order to deliver you quality. We understand that communication is the key and ensure that all your requests are addressed thoroughly and promptly. We don't just do the job; we understand your business needs and always stay engaged with your priorities and goals. You can always count on our judgment to help you make the right decision and choose the best solution. We are truly committed to your success


  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Talented and dedicated team
  • Deep understanding of client needs
  • Commitment to quality
  • Strong emphasis on IT specialists recruitment processes
  • In-depth knowledge of and vast experience in a variety of technologies


Leo-Source provides you with a full set of services to help you realize your business idea, starting from business analysis through design and implementation phases to stabilization, deployment, and maintenance of the end product. You can use an appropriate combination of services to suit your requirements.


Leo-Source provides architectural services for both new and existing systems. For existing systems we can do architecture review, identify bottlenecks, and come up with proposed changes. When designing systems we follow the latest technologies and trends, ensuring at the same time that the design conforms to your organization's established technology standards and practices. We will work with you to document system requirements and provide analysis and effort estimation in order to help you gain a sense of what it will take to fully realize a solution. Leo-Source specialists can create detailed UML or similar models that fully describe a system. Models can be delivered at any desired level of detail, from high-level logical organization to detailed class-level or method-level design. We can also evaluate existing system designs for opportunities to simplify or enhance systems.


Leo-Source follows Agile software development methodologies. We live in a constantly changing world. A business decision that worked perfectly in the past may not be good in the present. We thoroughly test every iteration to ensure that our services meet the client`s exact needs at a given moment and to promptly respond to changes in the environment, business logic, or higher priorities. We use commonly used tracking tools such as Redmine, PivotalTracker, Asana, Basecamp, Microsoft TFS and several others.


Here at Leo-Source, we value the importance of quality of the final product or service we provide. Every activity we do, every product we deliver, and every service we offer are checked thoroughly. We have a great team of quality assurance engineers with working experience of one year to five. Leo-Source provides major types of software testing, including manual, automated, semi-automated, functional, load, stress, security, usability testing and other types.


The keystone of each project is a clearly defined scope, which is mostly defined through continuous business analysis for each product. Our team has extensive experience of collaboratively defining the most suitable solution for each particular use case of a final product. Business analysis will be performed for your project as an iterative process. As the first step, we will review and discuss with you all your requirements to form a vision, goals, and use cases for the product. Then project scope will be defined (adjusted), and the main priorities of development will be established. Next, the project plan will be adjusted to meet the most recent requirements. During the development of the project, we will track progress and manage updates. We take great care to thoroughly analyze your requirements to offer you the best possible solutions.


Effective project management can help you achieve even the most demanding objectives. Offering IT project management services, we will help you save a great deal of time. Our project managers will handle the most difficult part of the software development process: coordinating work on implementing your idea. Our managers understand the importance of effective communication and visibility. With Leo-Source, you always know where your project is at, always get your emails promptly replied to, and can always count on high quality. Here is a list of professional project management services provided by Leo-Source:

  • Coordination of team work. This is the most important duty, which includes:
    • Leading the project from the requirements gathering and project planning stage to support of the released project
    • Analysis of requirements, resources, and planning of schedule for project implementation
    • Creating and maintaining project documentation
    • Organizing and conducting team building and evaluation
    • Managing day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control
    • Effectively preventing, and resolving project issues
  • Scheduling
    • Estimation of time needed for project execution is essential for a smoothly working process and for eliminating delays, failures, and budget overruns.
  • Software development life-cycle planning
    • Before the start of the project, the project our managers will provide you with a detailed plan for its development. Knowing the plan, you will be able to easily track progress of your project.

All of our Project Managers are skilled in ensuring that your project implementation goes as planned. Through their knowledge, tools and techniques, they will work in partnership with your own employees to ensure that the implementation meets your requirements.


We provide our clients with pixel perfect HTML. We can use latest technologies when developing HTML such as jade, scss, haml. Our team is experienced in creating CMS themes, email templates, responsive and mobile compatibility, and auditing of existing markup. The only input we need for the conversion is the source files (a .psd, .ai, .pdf, or .png file of the HTML) or a link to the existing site. As a result, you will get markup packages and a test report from our team. We can also provide you with a detailed audit description, recommendations, and any other information that is needed for your project.


Nowadays marketologists can not imagine a successful marketing email campaign without mobile and social media. Yet, not all emails are displayed equally well in various email services, browsers, on different devices and operation systems. The principles of designing emails and doing responsive or flexible email markup development as well as testing are completely different from those of web design and development. Our team possesses the necessary skills and expertise to design custom emails, email templates, convert PSDs provided by customers into responsive markup and thorough testing of the emails created for you and your customers.

Engagement Models


We handle your project requests by assigning appropriate specialists and charge you for the actual time spent.

This way the project is handled mostly on our side under our company's supervision and you are expected to provide overall direction, timely feedback and information on priorities changes (if any), while we do most of the heavy lifting for you.

To implement smooth processes a Project Manager on our side is assigned to every project and account and is a central point of communication. A Project Manager's job is to foresee and predict problems rather than just solve existing issues, also be responsible for estimation, planning, reporting, tracking, demos and presentations, feedback exchange, and generally making sure the progress is being made in the correct direction and everything functions efficiently.


We provide a seamless virtual extension to your in-house development staff by dedicating specialists on our side solely to your projects for 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week on continuous basis for ongoing engagement. Our specialists collaborate with your team on a daily basis via various media channels, receive priorities, instructions and directions, participate in regular status updates, and contributing to your overall success.

You maintain full control over the dedicated team, and we can provide additional supervision of the team for greater efficiency - where a Project Manager on our side oversees successful collaborations or acts as an integral part of your management scheme.

You can start with a single professional and then expand to a full-fledged development center located at Leo-Source over time by involving specialists in other technologies and directions.